This Number One Tip Will Transform Your Walk Down the Aisle

Attention brides and bridesmaids! If I could give one piece of advice for walking down the aisle, it would be this:


People tend to look down when they walk down the aisle. When I look through photos from past weddings I’ve shot, 95% of people have their eyes down, or they are looking into the camera with a confused look as if they’re asking, “Where should I look?”

Be present. Don’t look at the ground, don’t look at the photographer. Look at the groom and your friends in the audience. Enjoy your surroundings.

My best friend got married last year. It was the first time I walked the aisle as a bridesmaid. If you’ve never done it before, it really does feel awkward. You’re holding a bouquet with both hands while everyone is staring at you. As I began walking I remembered how it looks from the other side, so I took a deep breath and let go. When I saw the pictures, I said, “Cool, I looked up!”

Note: You don’t have to keep your eyes up the WHOLE time, because that can be awkward too. I’m reminded of that scene in the 40 Year Old Virgin when Steve Carrell is in the nightclub using his “peripherals” and knocks over a table. Yeah, don’t do that.

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