End Your Night With This One Habit to Find More Happiness

My friend gave me an amazing gift called the “Journal of Awesome.” Every night before I fall asleep I write down at least 5 things that were awesome about my day.

Some examples from yesterday:

– Wearing my (super soft!) new robe for the first time.
– Dancing with Carla in her living room to Elvis.
– How the guy at the juice place knows that I don’t like my smoothies too sweet, so upon ordering he said, “no agave, right?”
– My best friend from Canada calling and making me laugh for 15 minutes.
– Wrapping a birthday present and having the perfect amount of wrapping paper left to just cover the box.
– Putting all my laundry away and having no stray clothes laying around (finally).

I love this ritual because it trains your brain to look for the positive instead of the negative. Some days have more obvious things than others, but there are ALWAYS things to be grateful for every single day.

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