Don’t Be Everything to Everyone: How to Pick Your Photography Niche

Ever been to a restaurant and you are overwhelmed by the menu because they offer hundreds of dishes?

If you are craving a corn dog, chances are it will taste better from a place that only sells corn dogs compared to a restaurant that sells corn dogs plus a bunch of other dishes. The narrower your focus, the better you become at that one thing (by the way, I love corn dogs).

There are many routes you can go with photography. Nature photography, family photography, studio portraits, street photography, travel, architecture, weddings, events . . . Specialize and stick to what you are good at.

I’m good at working with people, exploring, and I have an intuitive sense for candid moments. Destination wedding and lifestyle photography suits me perfectly, not to mention I love it.

If you are new to photography and aren’t sure what you like or are good at yet, start trying everything. If you learn you hate something that’s good news – start crossing it off the list and focus elsewhere.

Focusing creates space for you to do the work that you love and attract more ideal clients in that area. Unless you really need to take a project for financial reasons, I wouldn’t invest too much time into something that you don’t want to do in the long run. The more work you do in one area, the more work in that area you will attract!

For those who are looking to hire a photographer, really look at their portfolio and see what they are good at before inquiring. Someone who knows how to work a camera on a movie set may not be familiar with the nuances of a “live show” like a wedding day where you only have one chance to record everything. Look at what they specialize in – that will give you the best results.

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  1. Lydia

    Mmmmm….corn dog~! Disneyland’s corn dogs are the best!

    Thanks for the tip! 😀

  2. vk fernandez

    thank you for the tips… it helps me 🙂

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