Q&A: Best Portrait Lens, My High School Years, Using Strobes At Weddings

Here are answers to last week’s Q&A on Facebook.

1. Vale C.:  What is the most difficult thing while photographing couples and weddings?  What would you recommend to pay special attention to?

The most difficult thing about photographing weddings is working with what you have. You have to think fast and there are no re-do’s. Pay special attention to what is important to your client whether it be posed photos, the details, or specific friends and family members.

2. Teng V.:  When shooting weddings, are you using any strobes to help light?

No. If it’s really dark then I will use my attached flash – the Canon 580EX. Having strobes can make photos look a lot better, but I think the production time it takes to set them up (and work around them) takes away from the creativity and organic nature of moments.

3. Jessie T.:  Do you drink coffee? If so, which is your favorite flavor???

I’m not a coffee drinker but I’m not opposed to it either. Sometimes I’ll have a mocha frapaccino before a wedding, but only because it tastes like dessert in a cup. Often times, caffeine actually makes me sleepy. Someone told me that means I have ADHD. Is this true?

4. Manelle R.:  What were your high school years like?

Ahhhh high school, AKA my “Fast & Furious” days. I thought I was really cool. I drove a rice rocket. I dated a guy who my dad called “Your break dancing boyfriend.” I didn’t get good grades. Luckily I whipped myself into shape just in time for college. I did do good in college! Haha.

5. Shayne D.:  What lens do you use for portraits?

Usually the 24-70mmf/2.8. Sometimes the 70-200mmf/2.8.

6. Tanjina C.:  Do ever take pro photos of animals?  Like cats?

I love taking pictures of animals but the only time I really photograph animals professionally is when my clients bring them to an engagement shoot. Besides that, I take lots of pictures of my dog for Instagram.

7. Adrianna D.:  Is there anything else you ever thought you would do besides photography?

Growing up, I thought I would be a chemist because that’s what my parents do. In college I wanted to work for the FBI. I also considered being a dental hygienist. And owning a bakery. And being a talent agent.

8. Tim S.:  If you were given $1 for each time someone asked you to photograph their baby, how much $$$ would you have now?

Probably about $10. People don’t really ask me to photograph their babies, maybe because they can tell I don’t like kids. Did I just say that out loud? Just kidding. I like kids…when they are well behaved.

9. Jamie G.:  What has been the most difficult challenge you have had to overcome in your life?  How did you over come it?  How did the experience benefit you?

Loving myself, being proud of myself, not being hard on myself. Personal growth has been a big part of my life for the last 5 years or so (reading, attending seminars, meditation, daily affirmations, etc). Instead of “fixing” my surroundings, I realized that the solution to having everything I want in life was to learn how to love myself. Once that was in place, everything else would mirror that. I can safely say that IT WORKS. Work, relationships, and life in general, flow beautifully.

I just re-read that.  That was a really cheesy answer, but it’s the truth!

10. Eric B.:  If you could pick one super power, what would it be??

To fly like Iron Man, but without the suit.

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  1. Actually coffee makes me sleepy too, I never thought about it related to ADHD before, i will have to check that later :S


  2. Always love reading your posts and your tips and tutorials!…. I agree… i don’t like strobes either! X

  3. ps: i meant to write this a second ago : Reading this I completely relate to how you speak about self development., ive been involved in a lot of that too, its so comforting to know you have had a similar journey..! .. it is a HUGE thing to learn to love yourself and despite all your imperfections. It is afterall your imperfections which make you unique and amazing. I love how your personality shines through as ever so positive and inspiring … and thats the only way you’ll be the best you can be for others, for youeself and for your work! … woooo! go Christine, 🙂

  4. Hi Christine, I discovered your blog like two days ago and I have been scrolling pages after pages ever since. I absolutely love your work and more so your personality towards everything in life. Your Weekly question answers really made me think hard on what I really want to do in life. I have always loved photography but recently discovered it’s been a hidden passion of mine. I got my first DSLR camera D3100 Nikon about a year ago as a Bday gift from my sweet hubby and I have been working that camera since. I am a mother of two beautiful young boys and have been a housewife for 6 years. I was encouraged by my hubby to finish my school so I recently joined college again to finish my Human Services degree but at heart I am still struggling if this is the path I want to take as my career. I would love to hear what you have to say as I feel that you were somewhat in a similar situation as I . Thank you for all your wonderful work. Keep living your dream girl 🙂

  5. My son was diagnosed with ADHD – coffee calms him down 🙂 I don’t give him meds – I’m not about that life – I didn’t like kids either – until I had two – now I’m everyone’s Mom and I LOVE IT! I might come to your workshop in February – I live in the Bay Area!

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