Q&A: LightRoom Vs. Photoshop, SmugMug, Using Twitter

Some things I did over the weekend:  Visited a pet shelter, night out with the girls in Santa Monica, and took behind-the-scenes photos for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new TV show. Very grateful. Life is simple when you do things that make you happy.

Hope you all had a great weekend filled with stuff that you enjoy doing!

Here are some answers to last Friday’s Q&A on Facebook!

1.  Carla C.:  What would you say are the benefits of staying active on Twitter? Do you still like it?

I think the main benefit of Twitter is industry networking. I use Instagram in place of it now, but will still occasionally peek in (mainly to see what Adam Levine is up to).

2.  Nadia F.:  What was it that made you realize photography was your thing?

I knew instinctively the first time I used a dSLR camera.

3.  Rosie H.:  Would you say that Lightroom would be the best option for somebody who wants to begin editing their photos?

Lightroom is a great place to start. It’s great because it also organizes all your photos. I think it’s easier than using Photoshop!

4.  Emily G.:  Have you switched to the new Smugmug?

I’ve been using SmugMug for almost a year now – love it. The photo proofs look great and are easy to flip though, and the upload process is super fast.

5.  Tanya A.:  What’s your favorite genre of music?! Do you have a pre-shoot song you listen to to get inspired?

I like singer/songwriter and 90’s hip hop/R&B. I don’t have a regular pre-shoot song but that’s a good idea! I would probably listen to something that has the same energy as the couple I’m about to photograph.

6.  Shayne D.:  How do you beat the red colour in a photograph when you take a picture in a room that’s lit with a light bulbs?

You can change the white balance in the camera to Tungsten, or add cooler tones (blue) in post processing. If it’s REALLY red I would shoot with flash. If you feel like nothing is improving it, worst case scenario is turning the photos B&W in post processing.

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