Q&A: Monitor Calibration, Using Strobes Vs. Flash, How Many Photos I Deliver for Small Events

Answers to a Q&A I held recently on Instagram.

I used to do Q&A’s on Facebook but social media changes so fast that it forces us to move things around. What social media platform are you on the most? Let me know in the comments section below!


1.) How many pictures do you give to your customers when it’s a small event? And for how many hours? Birthdays, etc.

It depends on how many guests and how many formal activities are at the event. Anywhere from 50-400. Some birthdays are just the family with 10 people. Others are over 200 people with 15 cakes, a live band, acrobat entertainment, etc. On average smaller events require about 3 hours of photo coverage, but again it depends on the itinerary of the party.

2.) Is it easier to do photography professionally if you have “the eye” or great with your equipment?

I think that it’s easiest to do photography professionally if you have good business + people skills. If I had to choose from the two you mentioned, I would say it’s easier if you have the eye. Having “an eye” is partially having intuition, which is harder to learn than how to technically use equipment. Technical skill is straight forward – “if you do this, you get this.”

3.) What’s your favorite aspect regarding photography?


4.) Do you use strobes at events or flash photography?

I do not use strobes. I use a 580ex attached flash. Things are happening so fast at events that I want to have as much time as possible to catch moments.

5.) What monitor calibration do you recommend?

Spyder is what I use and it’s been great for me.

6.) What’s your favorite type of music?

90’s hip hop and R&B.

7.) Do you used to be a professional dancer?

Haha, no. I took ballet in middle school and jazz in high school. I continue to take classes now for exercise and mind/body connection.

8.) For social media what percentage of the time are you sharing for yourself/memories versus for business and marketing?

It’s pretty 50/50. My life is so integrated that almost everything I share is branded for my business, even on my personal accounts.

9.) How do you see yourself in 5 years? Or better yet how do you see yourself becoming your mom?

*runs for the hills.

J/k. I’m already becoming more like her in my expectations of myself and other people. She raised me to be independent, to be capable, and to be helpful whenever I can. If I was moping around or not trying my best, she’d push me by saying “Use your brain.” It wasn’t great for self-confidence at the time, but now I get what she was saying. I find myself saying it to other people in my head when they are being unmindful or not doing their best, but I try not to say something like that out loud because words have weight. If I think someone is capable of doing something and I want them to try harder, there are better ways to communicate it. But I REALLY have to check myself! The dragon is coming out.


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