Q&A: Prepping For Tax Season, Flash Diffusers, Lenses For Wedding Photography

Here are the answers to last week’s Q&A on Facebook.

1. Angel W.:  Do you have any advice for those getting into wedding photography?

An excellent question to ask yourself is – do I truly love it? If you don’t, I would recommend doing something else. Wedding photography is a lot of work, and if you don’t love it, you will end up getting burned out and hate it. It doesn’t feel like a lot of work to me 95% of the time because I enjoy it.

2. Marsha C.:  What’s your biggest tip to prep for tax season?

This is a question I should be asking other people. Lol. I suck at anything tax related. Every year I tell myself that I need to be more organized so I’m not digging for papers when April rolls around, but year after year, I do the same thing. I throw my receipts into a shoe box and let my book keeper handle it. 🙂

3. Ashley B.:  What’s the best book you have ever read?

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.

4. Christine S.:  What do you think of the ring flash?

The concept sounds cool, and the gadget itself looks pretty darn cool, but I’ve never liked how photos turned out when using the ring flash. Too harsh for me.

5. Dolores P.:  What lenses do you use for wedding photography and in which situation do u use each of them?

50mmf1.2 or 24-70mmf/2.8 – getting ready, details, candids, reception

70-200mmf2.8 – ceremony, first dance, speeches

Soon I am also going to invest in the 100mmf2.8 macro for the detail shots. It takes amazing photos of details!

6. Christine C.:  How and when did you decide on your second shooter to team up with?

I decided the first time we worked together. We have great chemistry. I don’t have to say anything and she knows where to be.

7. David A.:  What’s your favorite animal?

An otter.

8. Claudia T.: Which flash diffuser do you recommend for a Canon Speedlite 580EX II?

I have the simple soap box shape diffuser cap and it works the best out of everything else I’ve tried. Everyone is different. I’ve seen people use napkins and taping paper on top of the flash. Overall, you don’t need anything really fancy.

9. Eric B.: What advice would you give to someone who was graduating this year and looking at taking some classes and going to school for photography?  Any advice on majors or classes or things like that?

From those I’ve spoken to who went to school for photography, they all said it was expensive and not necessary. I think that you can take classes at a local community college and learn all you need to learn. I highly recommend taking a film class that allows you to work in the dark room. There you will learn the fundamentals. You can also learn from online classes for FREE, like on CreativeLIVE.

From my experience, you learn the most by doing, so another great option is interning for a photographer you love.

10. Trinette R.: If all technology went out for 24 hours, what would you do with your day?

Run for the hills.

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