Q&A: Photo Editing For Beginners + Organizing Photos

Below are some answers to last week’s Q&A on Facebook!

Photo taken in Lake Como, Italy. I’m looking quite nerdy these days.


1. Rebecca H.:  What do you recommend for post editing for a beginner?

I think that Adobe Lightroom is great for beginners and professionals. It makes editing much easier!

2. Giang H.:  How do you catch people in natural moments?

To get natural moments you have to be ninja-like. Try to get a photo of someone when they don’t know you’re there.  Or if you have to pose/give direction, here are 7 Tips for Photographing People.

3. Gringa M.:  Sometimes I need to crop out something distracting but I worry that I create a strange size photo that would be difficult to print. How do you handle cropping when it comes to creating standard print sizes?

I always keep dimensions standard to 4×6 for clients. 4×6 is better than 8×10 or square, so that if the client chooses to print 8×10, they have more to work with (less to crop off).

4. Michelle C.:  How do you organize clients photos? Where do you store them?

I store them on external hard drives. I label different folders i.e. Weddings 2011, Weddings 2012, Engagement, Family, Events, etc., and then subfolders from there, i.e. Chris & Jaime, Tom & Katie, etc. 

5. Nethu K.:  What has been the best moment in your life?

What a great question. The moment I took responsibility and realized that EVERYTHING in my life is created by me. My feelings, my attitude, my relationships, my dreams – I can choose or change anything!

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  1. Amal Ch

    bravo j admire votre travaille énormément ; je te souhaite une très bonne chance et bonne continuation!!! sans oublier que t es un beau rêve pour mon mariage mais hélas ! bonne journée from morocco 🙂

  2. Terri

    What’s DLSR camera do you recommend for beginners?

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