An Adoption Becomes Official: These Photos Will Melt Your Heart

I was honored to be able to witness a special moment for this family – the adoption of a little girl.

Her name is Rosalyn but they call her Rosey. She’s been with the family for one year as a foster, and on September 25th, it became official.

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of adopting so it was nice to see some of the process. Did my best to hold back tears so I could properly document.

View from the Children’s court in Monterey Park.

Grandma was happy to be there.

As was grandpa, with Rosie’s favorite toys.


A look back at her new grandparents, uncles, and aunties.

Mom: “Rosie if you want to sit up here you have to go to law school. I’d be ok with that…”

Congrats to this beautiful family! Thank you for inspiring me and making my heart explode.

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