Q&A: How To Put Your Logo On Photos, Best Lens For Indoor Weddings, Portrait Pose Ideas

Here are answers to last week’s Q&A on Facebook. Hope you all had a great weekend. I spent mine in San Francisco hosting a workshop!

1. Kimberly A:  When doing portrait sessions, how many edited images do you usually give on the USB?

If it’s two or more people in the photos – 50.  One person – 25.

2. Asmae B.:  I want to know how to take pictures with my partner, if you can give me ideas for some classy intimate positions.

Haha.  I like how you added the word “classy.” Here are 3 simple and classy poses that I like to use:

Walk & Kiss.

Forehead to forehead.

The dip.

3. Christine C.:  Do you use reflectors?

Rarely. I don’t like making shoots a production because I feel that makes it feel less organic. They can be very helpful, though!

4. Ken V.:  What is your Favorite camera? 35mm prime or 50mm?

My favorite camera is the Canon 5D.  50mm f1.2 is my favorite lens.

5. Jessie T.: Any advice for interior wedding, lenses, aperture?

Usually for wedding receptions, I use the 50mm f1.2 lens, ISO is set to least 1600, and aperture at f 2.8.

6.: Hannah D.:  You are such a happy person! How do you do it?!

I work on personal growth every day. Doing personal growth doesn’t make you a happy person all the time, but it gives you tools to overcome struggles quicker and easier. I think that happiness is easy if you master: 1. Loving yourself. 2. Practicing gratitude. 3. Forgiveness. 4. Letting go.

7. Courtney E.:  How did you design the logo you impose on your prints and how do you impose it?

My logo was designed by Irena Ong. I put them on my photos using Mogrify, a plug-in for Adobe LightRoom.

8. Courtney E.:  With a prime lens, how can you make it feel less like you are intruding on someone’s space?

Be quick. 🙂

9. Grace K.:  I was wondering if it’s better to start with a digital camera or a manual with more specialized lenses. I’m planning to take pet portraits AND product photography and was wondering if I should have two separate tools for each.

I would start with a dSLR. That way you can buy the lenses appropriate for what you want to shoot. My first dSLR was the Canon Rebel.  A great starter lens is the 50mm f1.8, and it’s only around $100.

10. Angel M.:  What type of camera u use?

I just got the Canon 5D Mark III. Before that I was shooting with the Mark II. Whenever they have upgrades I wait about one year and then get the new model.

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  1. Grace K

    Thanks for the answers, Christine! You’re awesome. I included my URL for the site I’m building, so I’ll link you to any photography work that comes up cuz you’ll directly inspire them. 😀

  2. Packing Rainbows

    Ha! I love that you used the pic I took from the workshop!! And your Q&A’s are very helpful 🙂


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