These Dogs In Weddings Will Make Your Heart Melt

Are you one of those people who can’t pass a dog on the street without wanting to pet it?

I am proud to be a part of that club. I don’t own a dog (mine passed years ago) but sometimes I’ll still go to the dog park to get my fix, or if I’m not too busy with work I’ll dog-sit using the Rover App. The best thing about it is that I would do it for free. I get to play with your dog AND get paid? What kind of planet do I live on? A darn good one!

If you’re having a stressful day, I have you covered. Just look at these dogs in weddings.


When one gets jealous.

Bridgette, but she prefers to be called Queen B. Flower collar by The Bloemist.

From Dina Eastwood’s wedding, with her dogs Chica & Coco. To see more photos from their wedding, click here.

Whiskey and a pup.

These next few are from my London Photography Workshop. To see more photos that shoot, click here.

Winston, waiting for his mom to get ready.

Mick. This Corgi was a rascal.

But I like dogs that are punks! The remind me of yours truly. Haha.

The side-eye says it all.

This is Nawny. This wedding was a long time ago and since then she has crossed the rainbow bridge. I’m happy her owners have these memories with her.

Nomi, a Teacup Yorkie born with one ear, like Nemo!

Dogs LOVE tulle (anything soft and fluffy, I guess). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen them roll around in their owner’s wedding dress!

If you are debating whether you want your dog in your wedding or event, I vote YES! Do it. They are part of the family. If they can’t be at the venue then maybe they can get ready with you. They really are special creatures that deserve to be a part of our lives. But really, it’s more like what did we do to deserve them?

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