EatWith Los Angeles: A Delightfully International Dining Experience

I became friends with Salvador a long time ago when I was filming my first promo video. He works in the industry as well but in his spare time, cooks a mean meal.

Over the weekend I attended a dinner party he hosted through

EatWith started in Barcelona and the site gives you access to host/attend dinner parties around the world. At our dinner table there were individuals from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Austria, Romania, and San Francisco. Highly recommended experience for anyone who loves food and meeting people from all over the world!


I didn’t take many pictures of the food  (too busy eating it), but here was Sal’s “Mexican Infusion” Menu:

We will start the night by having a tasty Mezcal cocktail that will be perfect for opening up your appetite. To set our tastebuds into drive mode I will offer you to try authentic and I mean AUTHENTIC guacamole with chicharrones.

Once we are all in food-mood and ready to eat, we will freshen up our palates with a delicious Green Ceviche, which combines the flavor of cucumber, celery, cilantro and green pepper, topped with fresh dill and avocado. 

Next up: “Pibil Montaditos.” This delicious shreded pork is seasoned and marinated with achiote (annatto) sauce. It seats on a semi-crispy sope on a bed of bean paste and topped with pickled purple onions. This combination will redefine your idea of Mexican Food.

A shot of Mezcal will be the perfect digestif for these mix of flavors and ingredients. 

Last but not least: Dessert, which consists on fresh strawberries mixed with mint, balsamic and side of peppery-vanilla ice cream.

Umm, yeah. It was amazing. Thanks Sal, for being a great host!

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