The Little Known Secret to Developing Your Photography Style

When I first started photography I told my mentor, “I want to find my style.” He responded, “Style is something that develops over time.”

Over the 7 years that I’ve been photographing weddings, my style has changed. Recently I’ve started to produce more black & white photos. One of my goals when I shoot a wedding is to make it look timeless. Sometimes timeless translates better in B&W.

In order for style to be authentic, you can’t one day say, “This is going to be my style. From now on I’m going to do this when taking pictures.” Producing more B&W photos wasn’t a decision I made one day. I simply noticed that I started doing it, and now realized why. It looks and feels right right now. To develop your style, you can try different things but there is no need to make a plan – your creative self intuitively knows what to do.

If you are new to photography, remember that style changes and develops over time. Have fun exploring. Enjoy the process.

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  1. Jim

    Great advice Christine! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject of developing style. Let it flow, go with what feels right. I like that. I also agree that B&W is more timeless. I love B&W photos and find myself doing more and more of them. To me it seems by losing the color you somehow gain the soul in the shot.

  2. Plabon

    Thanks a lot Christine for your great recommendations to us. Really I appreciate your thoughts that style should be authentic and to develop ourown style there is no need to make a plan.

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