Q&A: Staying Faithful To Your Style + Wedding Poses

Below are some answers to last weekend’s Q&A.  Live Q&A’s are every Friday on Facebook from 9:30-10:30am PST on Facebook.

Photo taken today in Florence, Italy.

1.  Lana M.:  What was the most interesting job you had to do?

One time when I shot a funeral. That was….interesting.

2.  Wibie W.:  Do you have any suggestions for pre-wedding/engagement session poses?

Something fun to do is ask one partner to swing the other around. The movement creates laughs + relaxed subjects.

3.  Mel I.:  Are you attending classes to learn new things for your business?

YES. I think it’s important to constantly go to class/workshops/conferences. I haven’t taken in a couple years so recently I attended WPPI On the Road. I also want to take some photography workshops this year to see how other photographers shoot and run their business. It’s nice to bounce ideas off each other.

4.  Martina R.:  Have you ever just had a client dislike your work after you gave it to them? If so, what did you do to appease your client?

Yes. A client didn’t like the way I edited the photos. She wanted the coloring to be different so I re-edited them to her liking. This was years ago. It turns out she never looked at my work before hiring me. Now I put in my contract that photos are edited according to what is thought proper by the studio. 🙂

5.  June A.:  If you could live any where in the world, where would it be & why?

I would be living where I’m at in LA! I love it. My second choice is NYC, but only when I’m a multi-millionaire and can afford a nice well-lit loft in Manhattan.

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