Is My Work Good or Bad?

The first picture I ever took was from my grandpa’s camera circa 1987.  We were sitting on the lawn at Evergreen College in San Jose, CA and my gramps asked me to take a picture of him and my sister, and then he asked my sister to do the same for he and I.  It was both of our first times using a camera.

He explained to look through the viewfinder and put the subjects in the center.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t do it right but snapped the shutter anyway.  We got the pictures back and the one my sister took of us was perfectly centered.  I, on the other hand, cropped half their bodies off and the subjects were off center.  Not sure where the photos are but I’ll re-create the results using one of Kerry & Brad’s engagement photos.

My grandpa told my sis that she did a great job, that she used the viewfinder exactly like he said.  I didn’t say anything but looking at the two photos side by side, I thought to myself that I did a horrible job.  Mine was supposed to look like my sister’s with the subjects in the middle.  Gramps then said to me, “This is a great photo too!”  I don’t know if my memory is fogged but I think I recall my sister saying, “Mine is better!” (totally something she would have said).  This is her as a kid.  If this doesn’t scream punk ass, I don’t know what does.

Anyway, my grandpa said something like, “These are both great photos.  This one is great because it’s about the people.  And this one is great because it has the people AND all the beautiful trees and scenery in the back.”

Isn’t that sweet?

So where am I going with this?

Your work is ALL SUBJECTIVE.  What you might think looks bad might be the most amazing thing to someone else and vice versa.  There are NO RULES.  In fact, if there are, I say BREAK ‘EM!  Be a VISIONARY.  Put your HEART and SOUL into it and you can’t go wrong.  People respond to that.

I took a photo class for fun not too long ago at Santa Monica Community College and the teacher told me that I need to work on my composition.

*Snaking chin and neck back and forth and doing a couple diva snaps * Sorry, I didn’t know there was a way a photo is supposed to be!  🙂

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  1. Thanks Christine! This is exactly what I needed to hear! Love the crop on the last one!

  2. CC! You are great! Thank you for your words! Great way to start my day =)

  3. Oh no she deah-en’t! {insert snaking head}

    Keep up the great work, you visionary, you!

  4. …Your grandpa sounds really sweet, and wise..what a great way to be complimentary and encouraging. Isn’t it funny how your pictures are like how you shot them way back then? I like them..outta the box type photography 🙂

  5. haha I read your blog regularly … and this is my favourite blog post 🙂

  6. pretty bad

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