My Momma

I was talking to a previous client recently about motherhood.  She has a baby now so I was interested to hear how things have changed for her.

I look at the way my mom treats my sister and I and it is clear that you never know what it means to be a mom until you become one.

My mom provides me with unconditional love without even trying. I don’t even know if I have the capacity to love anyone unconditionally yet.

My mom thinks I’m the best thing on this planet. Really. She doesn’t tell me things to boost my ego or make me feel better . . . it’s her reality and to her, there is no other way.

My mom puts my happiness first.

My mom ALWAYS makes sure there is food in my tummy.

My mom doesn’t tell me to be the best, but to always try my best.

My mom looks at me crazy if I ask if I can have or use something of hers. What’s hers is mine, literally.

My mom is smart, level-headed, and gives practical advice.

I love my mom.

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  1. t

    it’s so have her smile Happy Valentine’s day!

  2. Eng

    Thanks Pie for saying all the nice thing. To me, you are a gift from God and I feel blessed! One day, when you become a mother, I am sure you will be just like me!
    YOU are my Valentine since the day you were born!!!

  3. Christine C.

    WHAT?! I’m going to be just like you? That scares me a little. 🙂

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