Why You Should Always Avoid This Advice About Smiling for the Camera

My nephew Adam saw me get out my camera. It was the first time I saw him smile like this.


He learned how to “smile for the camera.” This made me sad.

In 4th grade, the night before “picture day”, my mom lectured me how to smile. She said, “When they say smile, smile like this so you look pretty.” I was so confused. I did it and said, “Like this?.” She said, “No! Do it naturally.” I didn’t know what the hell she meant, so the result was an awkward looking 4th grade portrait where I literally look confused.


What happened to the kid who smiled wholehearted? Who smiled with his entire body, not for the camera, but because he felt like it?

Then I remembered. Good news. Even as adults, that inhibited child version is still with us. It never fully goes away. We just have to tap into it. 🙂


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  1. Linda

    Your nephew has a beautiful, infectious smile! Lovely photos. 🙂

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