Why I’m Not Ashamed to Drink Starbucks While Traveling

Day four of my trip to Vietnam and I’ve been eating Pho and drinking coconuts galore. Vietnamese food is my favorite cuisine of all time but I’ll admit – what I’m really craving right now is a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks.

As much as I want to be this worldly person, I AM the person who will visit a Starbucks in another country if I’ve been abroad for a while. Why Starbucks?

1.) It’s convenient.  2.) I know what I’m going to get.

Convenience and consistency are two things that every business owner should think about. When I get back to the states (or maybe during the 17-hour plane ride home), I am going to reevaluate convenience and consistency as they apply to my own business.


How quick is it for someone to know what I’m about? Is it easy for people to access/contact me? Is my company name easy to remember? Easy to spell? Is my website easy to navigate?


As a photographer, do my photos have a distinct style? Are my photos edited consistently? If my style is “vibrant” and “energized”, is that consistent across ALL my branding from my website colors to the way my photos look to the way I pick up the phone?


P.S. I snapped the selfie on the sand dunes of Mui Ne. 🙂

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  1. Yuwei

    I’m exactly the same way! No matter where I am in the world, I feel more at “home” when I enter into a Starbucks. It soothes me, especially when I start to feel homesick!


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