How the Loss of a Pet Inspired Me to Live Life to the Fullest

I’m getting ready to take off to London for 3 months. I’ve always wanted to spend an extended amount of time overseas but haven’t yet because I found it difficult to leave when I had my dog.

I took this earlier this year, one week before she passed. I miss my Sammie.


After the sadness subsided, everything pointed in the direction that NOW is the time to go. I’m not married, don’t have kids (or dog), and my work schedule allows it. It’s now or possibly never.

After I graduated college I hopped on a plane to spend a year in NYC. The magical feeling hit as the plane descended over the twinkling lights of the Big Apple. My heart beat with excitement. It was a new chapter and I chose it. One of the best feelings I’ve experienced.

NYC. 2003.


I feel the same now, going to London.

I saw on Instagram that my childhood friend’s parents, the Scoma’s, just sold their home and are moving out of San Carlos (our hometown). They have been in that house for 30+ years! I admire them because they’re in their 60’s and still party with their kids, travel the world, and because they know how to feed their souls, they look young as fuck! Living in San Carlos has served their purpose in raising their family. Now their kids are grown up, so they decided to move. I love that.

Humans are made to grow and evolve. Things change by nature. I want to make it a habit (especially as I get older) to not get too comfortable in one place. I want to continue to explore, try new things, and always create new chapters.

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  1. Jessie

    I’m so sorry for Sammie, such a cutie, I hope this new trip gives you more adventures to grow and be happy!

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