Q&A: How To Be Professional + Auto White Balance

Here are the answers to last weekend’s Q&A on Facebook!  Thanks to everyone for your questions.

1. Len B.:  Do you have a virtual workshop available for www.eBriter.com?

Not right now, but I would love to start having my workshops filmed. Great site!

2. Sunny B.:  What is the #1 destination on your travel bucket list?

Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. I want to see 4-foot tall penguins!

3. Brenda B.:  Fully Manual or….?

Yes I shoot in Manual, except I use Auto Focus.

4. Raaj B.:  How important is it to actually be Professional while being a Professional? Do you keep personal terms with the people you shoot or strictly don’t mix work and personal stuff?

It depends how you define professional and who your clientele are. I think that when you are running a business it is VERY important to remain professional when it comes to things like being reliable, contracts, delivering product, etc., but as far as personality and self expression, I like to keep it authentic and personal. Being authentic in all aspects of life is important to me. I hate when people are fake!

5. Jessie T.:  Auto white balance, Yes or No?

Yes, I shoot using AWB.

6. Mawiyah J.:  I am interested in doing actors head shots. I am still building my portfolio. When you 1st STARTED – how did you handle the make up situation?

I teamed up with MUAs on ModelMayhem who were looking to build their portfolios too.

7. Pansy M.:  Did you ever in the past feel “jealous” when someone liked the persons photo calling them beautiful when you made the image of beauty pop out in life? Or do you take it as a compliment?

If a person is beautiful, they are beautiful… and I’m not taking credit for that. It’s a compliment all the way!

8. Jay P.:  What’s your sign? Do you and your camera bond on vacation? Because judging by your pictures, it sure looks like you have a stellar connection.

What kind of hippie questions are these? 🙂 Taurus. And yes, my camera and I definitely “click.” Har har har.

9. Christina K.:  Do you mentor other photographers one on one?  And are you going to have another workshop in SF?

Yes, and yes. I’m originally from the Bay Area so I go up there often.

10. Grace K.:  Who makes you the happiest and shows you how much he/she loves you? How often do you show them you love them back?

Great question – thanks for asking!  My answer is Carla Choy. The other day I was G-R-U-M-P-Y. Carla asked if I wanted to go on a hike. I wasn’t very excited about it but as soon as she got in my car, I felt better. She has a calm energy. She can tell whenever I’m on edge but never lets it phase her. She just goes about her day, asks me the usual questions that she asks (i.e. how was your day?), and I feel better. It’s very easy. Carla always does lots of nice things, like she’ll pick me up a pastry if she happens to be at the bakery, but the quality she has that makes me feel the most loved is her reliability. She is one of the most reliable people I have ever met in my life. She is also very generous with her time, and a great listener. That makes me feel loved.

As for how often I show love back – I know that I show it in a different way than she does. I give her things. Carla – can you answer this part?  🙂

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  1. Brenda B.

    Aw, I love Carla! Aren’t girl friends the greatest???

  2. Carla

    Thanks CC! I actually think you have a very calming energy too. Probably because you are less emotional and more logical. You do lots of things. You listen to me when I’m sad about a break up and you give me practical, no-nonsense advice. You send me nice notes in the mail. You pick me up from the airport. You feed me brussels sprouts with fried eggs. You also gave me that cool clock/scale yesterday and it looks great on my shelves 🙂 That just scratches the surface. Thanks for being a loving friend CC!

  3. Christine C.

    Thanks Carla Choy! Yes, girl friends are the greatest, and Carla Choy is the best!

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