Bridesmaids Dresses: To Match, Or Not To Match?

Bridesmaids dresses – To match, or not to match?

On one hand there’s the tradition of having bridesmaids look the same, from the dress to the shoes to the hair to the flowers.  In high school, my bestfriends and I would plan our outfits and match allllll the time. Even now, if I show up to party and my girlfriend is coincidentally wearing something similar, I get a kick out of it. It’s fun to be matchy-match.

At the same time, I’m artistic and dig the concept of individuality. I like different cuts and color tones that flow together.

What are your thoughts?  Do you prefer identical or different looks for bridesmaids?

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  1. Maria

    No match. Not the same style will flatter the same body type. I’d want my ladies looking like perfection! The perfect dress for each of them, with coordinating colors.

  2. Sarah Scoma

    How great is it to be a bridesmaid & LOVE your dress!? Not everyone gets the opportunity to wear them again… So I Agree, coordinated with the wedding but in the bridesmaid own style.

    Btw, that photo totally makes me smile:)

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