Q&A: Best Lens For Low Light + Lightroom Presets

Below are some answers to last week’s live Q&A on Facebook.


1.  Jecka T.:  What is the best lens for low light (indoor) photography where flash isn’t allowed?

50mm f/1.2!

2.  Gringa M.:  Do you use Lightroom for editing? If so, do you make your own presets? Or do you buy the pre-made ones?

Yes, I use Lightroom. When I first started I bought presets and then tweaked them to fit my style. When I first started I didn’t have a unique style so the presets were a good starting point. Now I don’t use any presets.

3.  Sreeja B.:  What’s your typical day like?  How do you manage time?

A typical weekday involves walking or hiking with my dog, going into the office, attending meetings, photo editing, blogging, and then perhaps dinner with a friend. I always make time for myself and friends. In the end they are more important than work.

4.  Marina S.:  Do you spend any “fun” time with the bride & groom between booking the date & the big day?

Before the wedding day, I usually see the couple for an Engagement Session and maybe a  meal afterwards. When possible, I also try to attend the rehearsal. This helps me get the couple and their loved ones a lot!

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  1. Peter Trinidad

    Hello Christine.

    All so beautiful. I chanced upon you blog through your fb page. To introduce myself I am a passionate lover of photography that I do for a hobby. I am always out asking questions on equipment and here I am with you today.

    My question to you is. Which speedlite do you have mounted on your camera in this posts picture. It is a diffuser of sorts or more of a soft box. Could you please tell me? I use the Ezybox Lastolite on my speedlites.

    Appreciate your reply.

    1. Christine C.

      Hi Peter! It is a video light panel from Dracast. Sometimes I prefer it over flash!

  2. Peter Trinidad

    Thank You so much Christine. Much appreciated. Yeah! I should have guessed it although I was thinking it to be the honeycomb grill LOL. But would you recommend it as an alternative to the speedlite? Appreciate your time taken to reply.

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