Q&A: How Many Pictures To Give Wedding Clients + How Many Photos I Deliver

Below are some answers to last week’s Q&A on Facebook.

1.  Jamie C.:  Do you let the client choose what photographs they want or do you choose them yourself?

I always choose the photos. It depends on how big the wedding is, but usually I’ve give 500-700 photos for a full wedding day.

2.  April B.:  How long does it normally take you to get those 500-700 pictures back to them?

2 weeks. A good thing to do is put it in your contract so you stay on top of it. That may explain why I’m up at 3:00am right now.

3.  Abraham I.:  For an informal session (like a family session), how many edited photos you give to them?


4.  Ksenia K.: Do you have any recommendations for someone wanting to learn more about photography — specifically, taking very ethereal/soft lighting photos. I have a vision in mind of what kind of photos I’d like to produce, but I’ve no idea how to go about it.  Any recommendations?

Two photographers come to mind when you say “soft and ethereal.”  I would take a workshop with Jose Villa or Jana Williams!

5.  June A.:  When is your next workshop going to be held & what’s the topic?

I will start planning in a couple weeks after the busy wedding season is over. I would love to host a workshop on practical business stuff – Marketing, Pricing, etc.

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