Q&A: Branding Yourself + Making the Impossible Possible

I spent the weekend in Ojai photographing a wedding at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.  Can’t wait to share more photos!

Here are some answers to last week’s live Q&A! Q&A’s are every Friday on Facebook for the next few months.

1.  Brittany A.: I’ve seen you do a lot more obviously wedding photography, but have you ever done conceptual photography?   If yes, how do approach it and what do you think of it?

I never do conceptual photography because I don’t have the eye for it. I stick to what comes naturally to me, which is photojournalism.

2.  Jayant S.: Can you get good health and healthy relations by only wishing??

No. I think the first step is wanting it. Second is taking action and creating it.

3.  Michelle C.:  A local part-time wedding photographer offered me to team up for wedding shoots.  I like to get the experience but he would like me to shoot in his style.  I’m also not sure about doing this as business partners.  What do you suggest for me not to pass on this opportunity but at the same time keeping my photography style?

If you want to take this opportunity, you have to shoot with his style. Take it as practice. In the future there will be plenty of other jobs that will allow you to fully use your own style.

4.  Ishani J.:  If there is a dream you really want to come true in your life but right now it is impossible… How will you make it happen? Or will you give up?

How do you know it’s impossible? Often, people think it’s too hard or impossible from the beginning, and that causes them to not take action. Create the possibility and be patient with the results. Be persistent through failure.

5.  Christine C.:  How did you start establishing yourself as an international photographer, where people started to ask you to travel the world to take photos for them?

I branded myself that way. I mentioned the words “Destination Wedding Photographer” as often as I could (where appropriate) and emphasized travel photos on my site/blog. Put it out there that this is what you do/want to do. Take the opportunity to do your 1st destination wedding for trade if they don’t have a huge budget. I didn’t make any money on my first destination wedding. They paid for my ticket and lodging. In return I got destination wedding photos for my portfolio, and a trip to Bora Bora!

6.  Margot D.:  I’m traveling to Uganda to photograph at-risk girls for a non-profit. (Dream of my life!)  Got tips/tricks for data & equipment backup/protection and how to make the most heartbreakingly beautiful photos?

That’s awesome! I don’t think you will have a problem taking heartbreaking beautiful photos over there. Stay open and connect with the people you are photographing. And, definitely bring an external hard drive. 🙂

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