Who NOT To Ask For Advice: My Tip For Always Choosing the Right Person

Who I take advice from:

Relationship advice.  I would call my friends Leslie and Kevin, or Toni and Ari.  They have long lasting marriages that I admire. They respect each other, put each other first, and have a great group of friends and family in their lives. They are like love magnets! I’m not going to ask someone who is serially single or in an unhappy relationship for advice no matter how good or level-headed it might sound.

Money management.  There is no one else I’d call besides my parents. They eloped and got married on New Year’s Eve in Reno for tax purposes. December 31st – “we should get it done so that it’s official for this year.” Talk about practical. They are rockstars with their money. They know how to save, invest, and have fun at the same time!

Fashion.  I will ask my BFF Jessica who has great style/aesthetic taste what she thinks about a certain piece of clothing. She is a classy lady with impeccable fashion sense. One time my friend with horrible fashion sense made fun of what I was wearing. She wears clothes from 1998, so her opinion is immediately null.

Branding & Social Media. I get social media advice from my social media consultant Janet. She does social media for Warner Brothers and her motto is, “Be aggressive, not obnoxious.” I see people on Facebook who have a large following but they update their status way too often with useless info. I don’t want to brand myself that way. Janet has the same outlook and I see that her clients have a healthy, strong following.

What am I getting at here?

When I listen to advice, I look at the results in that person’s life. I want proof that whatever they are doing will give the result that I want. Same goes for the other way around. Want parenting advice? I’ll give great logical, level-headed advice, but do I know what it’s like to be a mom? Nope. Go ask someone else.

Ask people for advice who are where you want to be.

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