Q&A: Hottest Superhero, Snakes Vs. Rats, If I Won The Lotto…

Here are some answers to last week’s Q&A on Facebook.

1.  Alana T.:  When you have your second shooter at a wedding, do they edit the photos they took, or do you edit them?  I am getting back to shooting weddings and may need a second shooter for a few…wasn’t really sure how to go about it.

As a digital photographer, editing is a big part of your style, so I edit all the photos!

2. Michelle C.:  How do you check your LCD screen under bright sunlight.

I try not to rely on the LCD screen too much but if I have to, I cup my hand over the screen and squint really hard. Hehe.

3. Crystal C:  Would you rather sleep in a bed full of snakes or rats?

My first pet was a white rat named Freckles. No brainer.

4.  Zoom F.:  Which super hero do you have the hots for? And what is it about him that sparks your fire?

Hahaha. Iron Man. Or maybe it’s just Robert Downey Jr. He’s to the point, funny, and honest.

5. Teng V.:  When your photos are featured in magazines, do you get compensated?

Not for weddings. If they hire you to shoot an editorial, then yes.

6. Brittany A.:   How do you deal with dressing for any shoot, in terms of looking professional but wanting to still be comfy and flexible.

For weddings and events I wear black dress pants with a blouse and blazer. Shoes are closed-toe black flats or loafers. All very comfy.

7.  Ivy K.:  What are the first three things you would do if you won the lotto? (say, $300 million)

1. Pay off my mortgage. 2. Buy a home with a big yard in Venice Beach (for Sammie). 3. Pay for my friends and I to take a really cool trip somewhere. Maybe Argentina.

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