Q&A: Website Templates For Photographers

Below are some answers to last weekend’s Q&A on Facebook!

1.  Grace K.:  If you were going to make a photography portfolio, especially on a website or blog, what sort of pictures would be best?

Photos that clearly depict your style. Photos that evoke a certain emotion.

2.  Michelle C.:  Hi Christine, what web hosting do you use? Can you recommend something easy to use and display your photos?

I had a custom site built and host with Godaddy.  I have photographer friends that use Zenfolio and they like it.

3.  Ishani J.:  Do you recommend buying a DSLR camera online? If so what are the websites you recommend?

Yes. I have bought camera gear from Samys and Amazon.

4.  Gringa M.:  What was the first professional lens you bought?

My first professional lens was the 24-70mm f/2.8. I still love it!

5.  Dinah R.:   What do you do when you get hurt by a loved one? If you made a big mistake in your past and your partner still brings it up to hurt you – what would you do to come out from it?

Everything happens for you to live and learn. If I am down about something I remind myself to keep moving forward. Focus on what you can be doing now.

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