Q&A: How To Capture Candid Moments + Digital Imaging

Below are some answers to last week’s Live Q&A on Facebook.


1.  June A.:  What is the one thing in photography one should master to be great?

Master thyself. Photography is self expression so you want to be able to express yourself fully – that’s what people are drawn to. 🙂

2.  Michel P.:   Do you ever use and ND filters when shooting outdoors?

Yes, I often do.

3.  Anrianna T.:  What tip can you give us to capture a special moment, not a commercial one?

Be quick like a ninja. Make sure the people you are taking a picture of don’t see you. Practice your intuition.

4.  Wibie W.:  Do you usually use digital imaging?

Never, but perhaps in the future.

5.  Anrianna T.:  What inspires you in a picture?

The subject and how they are interacting with the world.

6.  Dinah R.:  How you treat the people who don’t treat you well ? (I mean if your lover won’t care about you how u will react on it and what you will do to make you feel better?).

I would say, “See ya!” and take myself on a date. To a cupcake shop.  🙂

7.  Wibie W.:  Do you usually use some lighting support when you shoot?

No, I mostly work with natural light. If it’s too dark I will use my 580EX flash.

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