Q&A: Shooting In Low Light, The Most Versatile Lens, Photography Schools in CA

Here are some answers to last week’s Q&A on Facebook!

1.  Martina R.: Other than your shooting style and hard work, what was the one thing that you felt elevated your business to the next level? I personal feel like I am having trouble with my work being scene by more potential clients.


2.  Jade X.:  Any good photography schools you would suggest? (in California)

I took a couple classes at Santa Monica Community College and loved it. If you’d like to read my overall thoughts about attending photography school, click here.

3.  Anna H.:  Other than photography as a way to document your travels, life, etc, do you also keep a journal of some sort?

I used to have a diary. Now I think my blog fills its place. A lot of times when I write a blog post, I’m writing it to myself.

4.  Kate Z.:  What inspires you to keep on going with photography?

Working with new people, the idea of possibility…

5.  Ram M.:  What is true love?

Freedom. Freedom to be yourself.

6.  Kristelle D.:  What is the most versatile lens?

The most versatile lens that I have is the 24-70mm f2.8. It’s great for weddings, portraits, and travel.

7.  Angel W.:  When shooting indoors with low light, what kind of lighting do you use?

I shoot without flash at a high ISO but if it’s too dark, I use my 580 EX flash and bounce the flash off the ceiling (if the ceiling is white and low enough). If not then I tilt the flash up 45 degrees so it’s not pointing directly at the subject.

8.  Sony V.:  What is your zodiac sign? Is it Aquarius?

Taurus.  What makes you say Aquarius?

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