Q&A: Learning Adobe Lightroom, Using Reflectors, Photo Printing

Here are the answers to last week’s Q&A on Facebook!

1. Kim N.:  What do you think made you a successful photographer?

Being passionate about what I do and being able to communicate that to others. I love this quote by Maya Angelou – “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

2. Courtney E.:  Biggest difference between your Rebel and Mark III?

I’d say the biggest difference is that the Mark III has a full frame.

3. Hannah D.:  You have great skin! What is your skin care routine like?

Thanks Hannah! I wash my face with Neutrogena and moisturize with Oil of Olay, and I make sure to remove my make up every night (going to bed with it on grosses me out). My grandma and mama, who both have amazing skin, always told me to not mess around with crazy skin treatments. Facials, strong chemicals, and all that other stuff aren’t necessary. The most important thing is to keep it clean and hydrated.

4. Rosie H.:  Where is a good starting point to start learning how to use Lightroom?

The easiest way is to have someone show you. The guy who introduced me to it (thanks Rocco!) was very sweet and showed me the basics of how to use it in about 5 minutes. If he didn’t do that, I would have been intimidated to use it. The truth is, most of us are too lazy to read a manual and learn on our own (myself included).  Take a class or ask someone who knows how to use it to show you.

5. Maricle K.:  How often do you use a reflector when shooting with natural light?  Do you find its useful to use one?

Not often at all. I’ve probably used a reflector about 10 times in my life. It can be extremely useful but many times I actually don’t like how it takes all the flaws out of the natural lighting situation. When the flaws are gone, it looks like a staged professional photo. I tend to be more drawn to photos that are organically in the moment, shadows and all.

6. Jamie G.:  Where Is Your Favorite Place To Get French Macaroons?  What Is Your Favorite Flavor and Why?

La Provence Patisserie.  My favorite flavor is hazelnut because I like creamy earthy flavors. Not a big fan of the fruity ones.

7. Amanda M.:  How did you transition between working a day job to working for yourself?  I have a dream job in mind that involves working for myself but I’m only just surviving on my 40+ hour a week job.  I’m in the process of saving money, but how do I keep myself inspired and positive?

Transition feels yucky when you’re going through it. There was a lot of struggle when I quit my day job, but I also knew that there was only one direction to go. I knew what I wanted to be and there was no question about it, so I put in my 2 weeks and told myself to deal with it. The pay off is what kept me inspired and positive.

At the same time, I didn’t have kids, a mortgage, or anything that I was tied to at the time. One of my friends Tom just made the transition to pursuing what he loves full time. He was working in finance, making a good income to support himself and his family, but miserable. He couldn’t just leave his job like I did, so he worked hard in finance for 2 more years before leaving when the time was right. I love looking at his photos on Facebook and Instagram now. It’s him spending more time with his kids and doing what he loves.

8. Martina R.:  I’m in Texas and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to the next seminar you and Jana hold.  Do you guys have a date in mind so I can save money to go?!

Hey Martina! Jana and I don’t have an official date for our next workshop, but it will definitely be happening within the next year. Wedding season is about to kick into full swing, so we need to hold off on the big workshops.

9. Rudy D.:  Do you do your own printing or send out, and what printers or services do you use?

I always send out to get prints. I use WHCC. Great quality, fast shipping, and they throw in a lollipop with your order. 🙂

10. Alexandra B.:  You had a recent seminar on living your dream job, what was the advice you gave?

Do what you love and . . . you will have to come to the next seminar to find out the rest.

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