Q&A: Full Frame DSLR vs. Crop + Photo Rights Release

Below are some answers to last week’s Q&A on Facebook!


1.  Marcy A.:  Is it necessary full frame camera for portraits …or you can get the same quality with any other ones ?

I don’t think it is a MUST to have a full frame camera but it does give you better quality. I started photographing weddings with a Canon Rebel which is not full frame.

2.  Lori L.:  If your client is shy and doesn’t want their pictures posted on your Blog, are you still willing to take pics? Do you do any special contract for that?

That’s a good question. In the past I have always (and will continue to) respect a client’s privacy if they prefer not to have their photos shared. If that is requested now, I will have a special contract as well as a higher rate, because while it is someone’s portraits, you are giving up the rights to your own work, and the nature of photography business is that sharing our work is how we market ourselves.

3.  Gringa M.:  Do you ever bring any kind of lighting set-ups with you to shoots?


4.  Allan C.:  Would you consider having apprentices under you?  What would be the qualifications?

Yes. A good work ethic, honest, and willingness to learn. Has the desire to do a good job. Grateful and positive attitude.

5.  Dinah R.:  Where would you like to go on a vacation?  What are the adventures you’d like to have?

Some places I’ve been wanting to go are Morocco, Argentina, and South Georgia Island. I was also chatting last night with my friend about a possible trip to Malawi next year!

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