Q&A: My Film Camera, How To Find Models, NYC Photo Ideas

Here are the answers to last Friday’s Q&A on Facebook!

1. Pansy M.: With your busy schedule, do you have time for personal things such as boyfriends & sleep? 🙂  Oh and dogs don’t count as boyfriends.

I always make time for sleep. Connecting and having shared experiences with others is very important to me as well, whether it’s old friends or new friends. If you have a busy schedule, a great way to stay social and connected is to have a weekly gathering. It could be a potluck at your place, or Happy Hour on Fridays. Invite all the people you want to see and bang it out at once. I had my friends over last week for a holiday potluck. To me, having shared experiences is what life is about. Regarding boyfriends, if the right guy came along I would gladly make time for him. He’s going to have to be pretty awesome, though!

2. Jana L.: What are your tricks and advice on getting tack sharp images besides using a tripod?  I do not have an image stabilizer in my lens or camera so it is hard to avoid even a little bit of blur – any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Focus and take time to compose before pushing the shutter. One time I asked my photography teacher why all my photos were coming out crooked. She said, “Because you aren’t paying attention.” Wise woman. Haha. What lens are you shooting with? Whether it has Image Stabilizer or not, the kind of lens you shoot with makes a difference. The settings you put on your camera will also determine how sharp your photos are. Make sure your shutter speed is 1/125 or faster.

3. Jamie G.:  What is your favorite holiday treat to eat?

I like classic Christmas shortbread cookies (homemade of course).

4. Forlondra H.:  How many photos do u usually give the client in your fabulous wedding packages?  Do u ever give out high res photos?  I’ve found that giving high res has burnt me in the past; even when I give them the usage info.

For a full day wedding, I usually give the client anywhere between 600-800 photos. I give the digital negatives because in this day in age, everyone wants them. If I were a client, I would want them. So I factor that into my pricing.

5. May F.:  Can you give me some advice on how to take some night shots with or without a tripod? I would love try to take some nice Christmas decoration photos around the neighborhood.

I would recommend having a tripod to take pictures of Christmas lights. That’s the best way to have them at the proper exposure, and at the same time, not blurry!

6. Courtney E.: Heading to NYC for the holidays – what are some must have shots with my new camera?

I LOVE NY. Since you are going around the holidays, I think it would be cool to do a “Winter in NYC” series. Take pictures of the holiday store displays, ice skating in Central Park…Ooo, and if you are going with a lover, get one kissing at the top of the Empire State building. Haha. I’m going there for the holidays as well for a New Year’s wedding.

7. Christine C.: What are your favorite edits to make using Lightroom?

I like adding warmth to photos (more yellow), recovering the highlights if needed, and boosting contrast/blacks.

8. Cindy G.: What film camera do you currently own?  I am taking your advice.  I am taking a film photography at Santa Monica College this semsester!  CHEAH!!!

You are going to have a blast! I have the Canon Elan 7. I got it off Craigslist for $100. I chose it because I already had all Canon lenses and that way I wouldn’t have to buy any new ones. It’s a very basic camera and does the job.

9. Judy W.: How do you find models?

When I first started photography I would look for models on Craigslist or ModelMayhem. Now I usually find them through friends (never underestimate the power of Facebook – one update asking for what you are looking for usually does the trick), or I meet them at random places. I remember the first girl I asked to photograph, I met her at a club (good lord – my clubbing days). The most recent model I shot, I met at a café. Strike up a conversation, maybe become friends with them, and simply ask them to model for you. The worst you can get is a no.

10. David A.: Do you have a favorite photo?

That’s like asking a parent who their favorite kid is. No, I don’t. 🙂

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