Q&A: The Best Photography App, Photography Workshops, & My Dog’s Middle Name

Q&A’s are held on my Facebook page every Friday for the next few months!

1. Arlene C.:  Would you consider doing/teaching a photography workshop?

Yes! Next month. I will be holding a workshop on November 18th in LA.

2. Hannah D.:  What photography app do you use or suggest to use on iPhone besides Instagram?

Snapseed to edit photos!

3. Zoom F.:  What’s your favorite season and/or holiday and why?

Christmas! Friends, family, cookies, fireplaces, whimsical lights, ice skating, scarves, mittens, Christmas music, the smell of pine . . . what’s not to love?

4. Zoom F.:  What goal are you working towards within your photography and when will you know you have reached it?

I would like to teach other photographers and connect with them in person. I will know I have achieved it when I begin consistently teaching workshops and speaking at conferences! Thanks for asking. Helps keep me accountable.  First workshop – November 18th!

5. Sean D.:  I’d like to know if your dog Sammie has a middle name?

Sammie Torino Jenkins.

6. Wendy N.:  Hello lovely!!  So when I come over from Sydney to the U S of A, would you be willing to take me around?

Sure. Let’s go to Disneyland!

7. Sophia L.:  Tell us about your NYC jobs.  😀

My first job in NYC was at a modeling agency. I started as an intern. My main task involved being a messenger and making deliveries all over the city. It was perfect at the time. I was getting experience in an industry I was interested in, while getting the opportunity to explore a new city. The managers said that I was the best intern they’ve ever had, and shortly after they hired me as a booker.

It’s really fun working in fashion but I learned it wasn’t for me. At least not as a booker at that particular agency. I like to be around the mentality that everyone works together, not against one other. The environment became quickly negative, so I left and continued on to discover my career. My next job was at a high-end photography studio space. Working at the studio was my first glimpse into the professional photography world. I worked as a studio host, which is similar to the concierge at a hotel. There were an array of shoots coming through the studio, from Vera Wang to Victoria’s Secret. It definitely sparked my interest in photography as a profession. After I moved back to California is when I picked up a camera and began shooting like crazy. Funny how when you look back, the dots connect perfectly.

8. Jim F.:  When you started out what kind of equipment did you use? Expensive or mid ranged? Are there certain lenses you recommend?

My first dSLR was the Canon Rebel. Pretty basic. I recommend not using the stock lens that comes with cameras, but instead investing in a 50mmf/1.8.  It’s only around $100 and great to learn on.

9. Jamie G.: What is one of your fondest memories from your childhood?

Playing outside until the sun would set. We lived in a culdesac growing up, and my sister and I would play with our neighbors Vicky and Katie. We’d ride bikes, roller skate, go on adventures, sing and dance, put on plays . . .

Now I want to go outside and play, and that is exactly what I will do once I finish work.  🙂

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  1. vency manalo

    im also interested in photography… do you have a favorite lens aside from your white lens ..thanks for sharing your pictures

  2. Rachel Sica

    Thank you so much for this Q&A — very helpful :). I currently have the Canon Rebel t3 myself :). I love Camera+ (been using it since it was launched), and recently discovered Snapseed and have totally fallen in love. Have you tried ut? I really recommend it if you haven’t! 🙂

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