Q&A: Outdoor Portraits, Unhappy Customers, & My Biggest Pet Peeve

Below are some answers to last week’s Live Q&A on Facebook!

1.  Tristen M.:  Other than using open shade, what is your best tip for getting great portraits outdoors?

Take your pictures right before sunset. Gorgeous, soft light. I schedule my shoots (if possible) around this time.

2.  Ela P.:  What do you do when you feel that your clients do not seem to be satisfied with your photos? How do you comfort yourself?

I have received direct complaints. Twice in my career, and both times made me feel like crap. As my mama often says – “All you can do is try your best.” If you try your best with everything you do, you won’t feel so bummed about the results. Another way to look at it is that it isn’t personal. Think about guys who have hit on you but you weren’t excited or interested in them. You didn’t mean anything bad but it was what it was. You weren’t interested in them, and that’s ok.

3.  Ade P.:  How long did you study photography?

I took a few classes at a community college to learn the technical aspects. It’s been 7 years since and I continue to learn new things all the time.

4.  Tim S.:  Do you have any pet peeves?

People who are habitually late!

5.  Adi D.:  Any tips for taking pictures on a summer trip?

Have fun. Don’t focus on taking posed photos in front of landmarks. Take candids of the in-between moments – those are the most meaningful memories.

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