Q&A: Canon or Nikon, Photography Goals, Favorite Place In Vietnam

I arrived back in the states last night and I have jetlag – WAH! Let’s see if I make it through the day. Here are answers to last week’s Q&A on Facebook!

1. Katie P.: Do you have any personal/photography goals for the next few years? If so what are they?

YES – I have way too many goals. I’ll list two here. 1. Publish a book 2. Offer online workshops.

2. Anne R.:  Which languages can you speak?  Is there a chance that you’re coming to Indonesia anytime soon? Also, do you have any tips on how to become more photogenic?

I speak English (obvious, haha), and broken Cantonese and Mandarin. I don’t have set plans to come to Indonesia but who knows where work will take me. Contrary to the popular belief that you have to practice angles in front of the mirror, the best tip to become more photogenic is to gain confidence. I’d say that it makes up 95% of how you’ll do in front of the camera!

3. Hannah D.:  What is your favorite place so far in Vietnam?

My favorite place in Vietnam is Halong Bay. It ranks in my top 3 most spectacular places that I’ve seen in this world.

4. Tanya B.:  What do you use for your hair!?  It looks so shiny & healthy!!

Haha, thank you. I use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo. Also, I don’t usually blow dry.

5. Jessie T.:  Is it a good idea to manage 2 camera brands? I am a Nikon user, but I just saw a Canon that caught my eye, I don’t know what to do, not sure if 2 brands will be a good investment.

I would stick to one brand for consistency. The photo colors come out slightly different between Canon and Nikon.

6. Mawiyah J.:  When did you know/decide Wedding & Event Photography was your sweet spot? And what other kinds of photography did you do when you started as a pro?

“You know when you know,” just like when you meet a soul mate. It was an easy decision – I knew after I photographed my first wedding. When I first started, I basically took any gig that was offered to me, but I found myself doing mostly events, headshots, and food. I even photographed a funeral once for a lawyer that needed photos for his case. That was definitely getting out of my comfort zone!

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  1. I agree with you on #5. I started out with a canon 30D but my husband really wanted me to convert to Nikon so we can share lens. I used to use both cameras with different lens mounted on them at a wedding. The colors came out a bit different (Canon was lighter) and I had to adjust them to be consistent. Now I shoot with two Nikons and gave my sister the Canon.

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