Los Angeles Baby Photography: Maya Turns 6 Months

I’m always flattered when people ask me to take baby photos. It’s out of my element. I don’t know much about babies and sometimes I feel compelled to poke them with a spoon. Boop.

Sunny & Jonathan recently moved into their new home. Their daughter Maya turned 6 months. It’s an exciting time in their lives to document. I imagine them looking back at the photos and saying, “This is when we moved into our new home…”

The face I got when Sunny opened the door!

Happy 6 months Maya!

I love to see the transition when men become fathers.



Was trying to teach her how to do the hand-under-the-chin pose.

Working from home has changed.

“The things we do now.”

Sending me off.  I love this photo.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

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