Why You Should Focus and Stick With It

Where focus goes, energy flows. – Tony Robbins

Why You Should Focus and Stick With It - Christine Chang Photography. www.christinechangphoto.com

If you are building something, focus on it and only it.

When I first moved to LA I wasn’t completely focused on photography. I was working at a restaurant part-time and my thoughts were all over the place. They sounded something like this:

I can just keep working here part time in case anything goes wrong. Maybe I should go back to working at a talent agency like I did in New York. Hm, I liked doing that. Or maybe I should try event planning. I could have a regular day job and then do my photography on the side. Or maybe I should just become a full time photographer…

I wasn’t committed. It wasn’t until I had an “AHA” moment and realized – Hey, I DON’T want to work in a restaurant for the rest of my life. There are positive aspects of this job (like the camaraderie + free food) but this is not something I want to do in the long run – so why am I here?

The only reason was because it was my safety net.

The next day I put in my two weeks notice and decided: I am going to do this. I am going to be . . . a PHOTOGRAPHER! “WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN?,” I asked myself.

Why You Should Focus and Stick With It - Christine Chang Photography. www.christinechangphoto.com

You must make sacrifices for success.

That summer was financially rough for me. The worst I’ve ever experienced, actually. I was living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment with a roommate and eating Top Ramen for dinner. It sucked but I am thankful for the experience because it forced me to focus and do what I had to do to turn photography into a career.

When people ask for business advice, the first thing I tell them is to focus. Focus, and then commit. I see people go into things already with one foot out the door. You aren’t giving it a fair chance if your brain is already somewhere else! How about giving yourself no other choice but to make it work?


Too often I see people start things with no intent of committing. One minute they’re an actor and the next they are starting a clothing line, and then taking pictures, and then working in production, and then lifestyle blogging. It’s great to have many interests but if you really want to excel at something, you have to focus and put in the time. Have a clear vision so you can hit the target.


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  1. Lydia

    That image is trippy! Makes me dizzy lol

    It’s hard (and scary) to fully commit, to dive in head first not knowing whether there is a safety net there to catch you. BUT! I think jumping in without knowing how it’s going to work out actually FORCES people to focus – because there is no turning around.

    I’ve jumped. But I think now I need focus…and discipline!

  2. krysten

    love what i have read so far, just wanted to stop and comment on this and thank you for sharing. I saw you the other day in cafe gratitude. and heard you talking to my co worker about blogs-I too, have a blog. and learned about his clothing line as well. Just wanted to say hello and I’ll be reading 🙂 your very inspiring and motivational and i love that, so thank you!

  3. Maria

    Thank you for these words! They are inspiring ( so as your work :p) and encouraging.You helped me to see clear in my mind in wish all was fuzzy and confused.I can’t agree more with what you said.So..thank’s again 🙂

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