Photojournalism: Ilford Delta 400 B&W Film

I like shooting film for four reasons. 1. It refines my skill. 2. It teaches me patience. 3. There’s depth. 4. It’s imperfect.

This was a gloomy evening in LA. Camera filled with one roll of Ilford Delta 400 film, I decided to document my evening with the lovely Dominic Rains.

Dominic is one of the most confident, passionate, self-aware people I’ve ever met, and my camera loves him.

Love this one.  Dom talking to his dad.

I always enjoy taking portraits of people with their parents.

Heading to the East side of town.

Often when I give someone my camera, the photo turns out blurry or underexposed. Dom’s photo of me gets an A.

I had one frame left before finishing the roll so snapped a shot of my dog Sam.  She’s always there when I need her.

Thanks to Dominic for being a wonderful muse. My inspiration shoots through the roof when I talk to other creatives who “get it.” I think it’s important to hang out with people who inspire you. Feeling grateful.

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  1. Maria

    These photos are gorgeous! I adore them, and the café is beautiful. You are truly talented! You should do film more often!

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