This is Why Kauai Is the Most Stunning Place on Earth

Every winter, if possible, I like to escape somewhere warm for a little renew. Though I was born and raised on mainland, there is certainly a part of me that is an island girl.

Maybe I had a past life as Moana, though I can’t swim as well as her. Going underwater actually completely freaks me out, so maybe not.

Kauai is hands down one of my favorite places I’ve ever been. Besides it’s obvious beauty, the energy and lifestyle there feel completely natural. The island itself is like a gigantic hand that lovingly takes care of you.

Below are some photos from my trip!

The light shines down on Hanalei.


The Farmer’s Markets are one of my favorite things to do on the island. Anything that grows on Kauai is engineered to perfection by Mother Earth. The biggest, most tastiest fruit and veggies!



Micah, my Airbnb host.


Hawaii wins for having the best acai bowls. I ate them every single day.


Hanalei at sunset.




I met Langford on the beach and we had a nice afternoon together. I love dogs and their enthusiasm.



Yoga studio in the backyard. I got some good stretching and meditation in. Micah and his partner are also body workers, and helped me release childhood trauma that has been stuck in my body. It hurt, but in a good way.


Taro fields. Thanks to the nice Canadian lady on the side of the road (who was an amazing photographer!) for snapping this for me.


Thanks for the love Kauai. I’ll be back.

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  1. You captured the spirit of the island perfectly, Christine. Only thing missing is a hen ;). Wonderful images.

    1. Doh! A hen! One did attempt to “fly” across my windshield while I was driving and almost made me crash.

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