Travel Photos: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

You may have noticed that I have been sharing more travel photos lately.

Traveling is a huge passion of mine. Both my parents are jetsetters and I’ve inherited the bug. I think I’ve been to over 45 countries by now, and I feel lucky that work and a flexible schedule take me to more new places each year.

I traveled to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to photograph Ina & Tee’s wedding but haven’t shared photos outside of the festivities. Below are some travel pictures that I took along with my travel mate Taylor Kinzie. It’s nice always nice to have a fellow photographer friend along. Any photos of myself that you see here are taken by her. 🙂



We stayed at Hotel Costa Verde, which is set right in the middle of the jungle! Monkeys and other critters all around.



Costa Rica does an amazing job sustaining it’s natural habitat. No one feeds the animals, yet they aren’t afraid to come around. The animals co-exist along with humans in a healthy way.





I put the leaf on the other side of my face and said, “Wait!” and switched it. “This is my better side.”


A wave knocked me down afterwards. Life ain’t always this glamorous! I wish people could see the ugly in between moments of bloggers. Well I guess they can now, on Snapchat. If you want to follow me on there, my username is: CCHANGPHOTO.



The vibrant colors of Costa Rica.


His name was Toasty. 🙂



Since I’m expanding my business into travel and lifestyle, there will be a lot more travel photos in exciting locations to come! If there is anything specific you’d like to see more of on this blog, let me know in the comments section below.

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