A Play-By-Play Plan: How To Shoot A Wedding Ceremony Like a Ninja

In this video I show you how to photograph a wedding ceremony, ninja style!

Video by Tim & Co.

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  1. SJ

    Great tips! I’ve worked with videographers who are like that – just centered the whole time 🙁 sometimes it ruins my shots and I have to work around them. Wish Guam had more of an outdoor ceremony – I’m usually stuck photographing in a church and those are strict with constant movement.

  2. Fayne

    Thank you for the ninja style tutorials Christine. And yes, 99% of photographers and videographers I saw in weddings always take some shots in the middle of the aisle. This is a great way capturing moments without being a bother to the guests since it’s an intimate ceremony. Oh and congrats on your new awesome website! ^_^/

    Long time lurker XD

    PS: Me likey your toy figures. 😀

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