Traveling To Cannon Beach & My Definition Of A Good Friendship

A lot of photographers go to Cannon Beach, Oregon to take photos. I thought it was one of those hip trendy places on Instagram (which, truth be told, it currently is), but the real reason photographers go up there is because of the BEAUTIFUL LIGHT.

The light is always beautiful.

I took a trip there recently for Mark, my Canadian Bestie’s birthday (I have a few besties – he is the Canadian one).

A good friend shows up in the way you need, and Mark & I do for each other most of the time (let’s be real – life can get in the way, especially as you get older).

He arranged a big surprise birthday party for me one year because he knows I hate (but actually love) being acknowledged in that way. I called him sitting in my car snot-crying when I got dumped by a guy I really liked. He also showed up on my wedding day to bustle my dress, drive me to the venue, defuse my anxiety, and officiate my marriage to Pete.

I’ll show up for his occasional birthdays too. And heartbreaks. And a visit to Vancouver (like once every 7 years). In between that we can suck at calling and texts, but the best friendships to me have a mutual understanding and way of loving each other. It feels like home.

Mark is a relationship coach and always says, “You gotta find people who love like you do.”

The fog is what makes the light magical at Cannon Beach.

This is probably one of my favorite photos ever of Mark. It’s taken from a video still when I was recording everyone singing happy birthday. It’s the joyful little kid in him. We all have it but it gets harder to tap into when we become adults. The lit up eyes – I love seeing it!

Happy Birthday bestie. Hope you enjoyed your turd cake.

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