Our Wedding Part I: The Ceremony at Culver Hotel

Our Wedding Part I: The Ceremony at Culver Hotel

The question I’ve gotten most in my career is, “So who is going to photograph your wedding when you get married?.”

I got married last weekend, and my friend Taylor Kinzie photographed the ceremony. Ashel Parsons photographed the reception, and I’ll share her photos in a different post.

Our ceremony was in front of only our immediate families at The Culver Hotel. Pete agreed to wear a tux, and I took the only opportunity to wear tulle on my head, to wear tulle on my head.

Photos below. Reception photos to come!

The reason we did the ceremony more traditional was so that we’d have some “pretty photos.” Pretty, but can’t stay normal for too long. With my bestie Mark Groves, who officiated the ceremony.

Niece. This is one of my favorite photos from the day.

I wasn’t sure what Pete would look like on the wedding day because he borrowed a tux from a friend last minute. I said, “Isn’t Josh shorter than you?,” and asked him to try it on. Sure enough, the pants were wide-legged (Josh got married in early 2000’s) and floods (like 4 inches too short). I told him that it was his responsibility to get his outfit together, and if he wanted to show up with floods, that was fine by me. When I saw him, I was surprised to see that he had the pants taken in and lengthened, and the buttons on his shirt were these really cute gold crowns that had a lot of character. He said, “I couldn’t find the button studs so I used these Sean John (as in P.Diddy) cufflinks I got in a gift bag a long time ago when I worked at Screen Actor’s Guild.” It was very him. <3


I call this, “Bridal bitch face.”

“Paige, I love you but don’t mess that up before we get photos of it, k thankssss.”

This marks the first time I’ve seen Pete cry. Yes!!!


Venue: The Culver Hotel

Wedding Coordinator: Skybox Event Productions

Dress: For Love & Lemons (top), and a generic tulle skirt that someone gave me that I keep in the studio for shoots. 🙂

MUAH: Kelly Zhang Studio

Flowers: The Bloemist 

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