Yes, It’s Okay To Be Silly While Adulting: Lessons In Playfulness

I was in Vancouver visiting one of my best friends. He was dropping me off and told me in a joking jerk tone to get out of his car. I got out, yelled “SCREW YOU!,” and dramatically slammed the car door. Everyone on the street was staring.  We both tried to refrain from laughing. He drove away slowly looking sad. (There are 2 versions to doing this – The “sad guy” who drives away slowly, or the “angry guy” who punches the pedal).

I’m going to guess this time people were thinking, “Poor guy who has a girl who talks to him like that,” or “This bitch is crazy.”

We laughed about it later.

It’s weird when we become adults. We forget to how to be silly. Our minds are trained to take things into consideration. Is this safe? Will I get in trouble? What will people think?

What do you feel like doing right now? Decorating your computer with stickers? Going to the laundry mat and getting in a dryer?

It’s time to play.


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  1. Tyler

    A group of my friends and I do this to each other, but from the other side: when you drop someone off in a public place, once they open the door scream “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY CAR!”

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