Los Feliz Photo Shoot: Dave Baez

Who:  Dave Baez

Where:  Rooftop in Los Feliz.

How:  Canon Elan + Ilford Delta 400 & FujiPro400 35mm films.  Mamiya645 + Kodak 160NC medium format film.

This was my first time shooting medium format.  Part of the film got distorted, but I still love the photos.

Thanks to Dave Baez for being one of the easiest models I’ve ever photographed (we did the shoot in 20 minutes), and Felix Ruiz for giving us rooftop access to his building. One of my favorite things about living in LA is how accessible it is to throw a shoot together!

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  1. Bernard

    pretty like your photo style (especially this photo session)
    i’m surprised, i thought you used your mk3.
    i love that tone, beautiful color on the backlight?
    how could you did that?
    4 thumbs up!

  2. T

    OMG he’s hideous!! Stop taking pictures of ugly people!!It’s burning my eyes!!

    You KNOW I’m totally kidding….awesome as always. Love love love.

  3. Aleena

    Jana is one lucky girl. Beautiful photo’s !

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