Q&A: How To Get Likes On Facebook, Does Real Love Exist, Who I’m Inspired By

Here are answers to last week’s Q&A on Facebook!  Quite a few questions about love this week. Something must be in the air…

1.  Dinah R.:  Do you think that real love exists? Are you loving anyone right now? What age do you think is good to get married?

I certainly know that it exists because I feel it every day. I love a lot of people. I don’t think there is a difference between the friends and family you truly love and a romantic partner that you love. The dynamic with a romantic partner is obviously different but I think love at the core the same. I don’t think there is an appropriate age to get married. I met a happily married woman the other day who met her husband at age 35. She recommended that no one should get married before 30 because you change so much as a person before then. I think there is truth to that, but everyone is different. You can meet someone when you’re 16 and grow with them too.

2.  Ai D.:  Who’s your greatest inspiration when it comes to your arts?

I’m inspired by anyone who is passionate about what they do. I’m at a café by Santa Monica Beach right now and just had a conversation with a fellow from France who is a professional flute player. He travels all over playing the flute, and you can see the passion shooting out of his eyes. I love people like that.

3.  Rai D.:  Do you think an amateur photographer can get started in the wedding business without a full frame camera?

I did, so I would like to say yes.  🙂

4.  China B.:  How did you build up to 53,000 likes on your Facebook page?

First I worked with people who had already a huge following, e.g. I took photos for a fashion blogger who would tag me in posts. Her followers would start following me; that kick-started my page growth. After that I consulted with a social media company. They showed me how to utilize my content in an effective way, and they also used keywords to run ads.

5.  Imtisal Y.:  What was the first event you ever photographed for? Like the FIRST first one?

Gosh, I have selective memory. I don’t remember what my first paid event was! It was probably a corporate event off Craigslist.

6.  Jana R.:  Do you have any pre-shoot rituals like yoga, running, or reading?

I always eat a good meal to fuel me for the day. I also do a quick meditation to clear my mind and visualize how the day is going to go.

7.  Sooji K.:  What do you do when you’re in a rut when work becomes…well work?  I’ve been finding it increasingly hard to shoot for myself lately.  Do you have those moments?  If so, what do you do?

Being in a rut happens to everyone. What I find helpful is to first accept that you are in a rut. Forcing things won’t change anything. My advice is to do little things to inspire yourself. For me, I am inspired when I feel good. Try something like smiling at strangers as you go about your day. It’s crazy how something like that will shift your mood very quickly. Little things like that, I have found, are more effective than forcing yourself to be creative.

8.  Xina L.:  What are good things to discuss on a first date? I have a date tomorrow and I don’t know what to do or how to act!

I like how you are asking me for dating advice! Haha. Not sure if I’m the best person to ask but I’ll give it a try.

Be yourself. It’s cliché but VERY few people do it. People are drawn to authenticity. I used to feel compelled to buy a new dress or glam up for a first date but never anymore. I wear what I wear on a day-to-day basis because the truth is – if you date me, this is what you’re gonna get! I want someone to like me for what I really am.

As far as what to discuss – who are you current best friends? What did you talk to them about when you first met them? I would talk to him like you are talking to anyone you are meeting for the first time. The whole point is for someone to get to know you. Why should it be different?

Email me and let me know how the date went. 🙂

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